The ultimate guide to buy bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency  on any exchange 

 Steps you need to take before entering an exchange :


 1. Get a crypto wallet 

 Wether you choose a desktop wallet , a mobile wallet , a web wallet or a hardware wallet, a digital wallet is a must-have . Your funds are not secured if left in an exchange .  We recommend  the hardware wallet as it is undoubtedly  the most secure type of bitcoin wallets.



2. Get ready for verification 

Most exchanges where you can buy or sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrency require identification using several documents such as national id , driver’s license and social security number .


3. Choose your payment method 

 Every exchange has its own available payment methods . While there are a lot of payment methods available , the most common ones are with a debit card , a credit card or bank transfer . Owning  this, you must have all the documentation needed to pay via these methods .


4. Choose your exchange  

 Now that everything is ready , you have to choose an exchange to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies . Every exchange has its advamtages and disadvantages . Here in BasicBit we have researched and found the pros and the cons of every exchange so you can choose the one that suits you best .



No matter which exchange you choose we got detailed , step by step guides with pictures . Just click on the guide you are interested in below  : 





























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